In 2022 the global estimated value of the sports sponsorship market was calculated at over $77 billion dollars. That’s a huge chunk of change.

With figures like that and with the industry forecasting further growth year on year, it’s an exciting sector for any brand to be a part of.

But do you have to be a huge brand, with a massive budget to gain the benefits of sports sponsorship?

It all depends on what you want to accomplish. It’s important to know what you wish to achieve for your brand before investing in any assets. This way, you can hone your resources and your goals to have an even better chance of success.

The sports world is rather unique. The level of passion that the players, the organisations and most importantly, the fans bring is immeasurable. With Premier League football for example being the most popular and therefore visible sport in the world, those fans can become, through the right marketing, loyal consumers.
So even on a small scale you are tapping into a potentially very lucrative market.

Tailoring a budget of any size and making every penny count should be the primary goal of a sponsorship agency when it comes to finding you the right deal. Combining your objectives with the right team or organisation means understanding your brand and most importantly the teams’ demographics and other statistical data to help create the best possible match.

Front-of-shirt deals are one of the most recognisable forms of sponsorship when it comes to brand awareness in sport. This usually means that depending on the club, and their position, it also one of the highest value assets you can aim for. It is by no means the only effective way to market your product or service (see our blog post detailing different assets) and so, your budget no matter the size can be used in a multitude of different areas within the club to gain an impressive ROI.

By understanding what you hope to achieve, you can make every penny and every asset work for you.