A Historic Partnership: Lashings World and Robinsons Join Forces!

We’re thrilled to share some monumental news that marks a new chapter in the Lashings World journey! In what is set to be an iconic moment, Britvic plc’s Robinsons brand, the UK’s number one squash brand, has officially become the Lashings Cricket headline sponsor for the season. This partnership is a significant milestone for the sport, and we couldn’t wait to tell you all about it.

The Big Announcement

After weeks of anticipation, we’re proud to announce this exciting collaboration. Robinsons, a household name and the leading squash brand in the UK, is now a key part of the Lashings World family. Together, they are embarking on a mission to amplify the love for cricket across the UK, and we’re confident this partnership will bring a fresh and vibrant energy to the sport.

Why This Partnership Matters

For Lashings World, this isn’t just another sponsorship; it’s a collaboration that aligns with the vision to make cricket more engaging and accessible. Robinsons shares Lashings enthusiasm for the game and the commitment to creating memorable experiences for fans. With Robinsons support, LC is poised to reach new heights and inspire a wider audience.

At Elite Sports Marketing UK we’re excited for the sport and for future collaborations!