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Telemarketing for the sports industry

We Are Elite Sports
Generating Real Time Revenue for Football, Rugby and Cricket Clubs

We Are Elite Sports
Appointments, Leads, Attendees and Sales for clubs of all sizes

We Are Elite Sports
A cost effective way of generating new business for your club

About Elite Sports

Delivering high quality telemarketing for sport

Elite Sports Marketing was created by the founder of EbonyBailey Marketing, who provide telemarketing too many industries, as the amount of sports clients grew it was obvious that there was a need to provide our sports clients with a specialised service with specialised people.

Our goal is to work with Sports clubs to generate new business across the Commercial function. We provide outbound telemarketing services specifically for the sports industry and their venues, working with all departments including Conference & Banqueting, Events, Ticketing, and Commercial.

Campaigns we have carried out include:

Christmas Party Bookings Lead Generation

We will call local businesses, typically to generate “invitations” to your stadium so that your internal team can give them a tour of the facilities and take their booking.

It is our job to generate those invitations, including qualifying there interest, finding out how many employees they have, what the budget it, and who makes the final decision.

Season Ticket Sales

One of our most popular campaigns. Our job is to generate revenue for the club, typically by calling up lapsed season ticket holders, and those deemed worth a call who have gone to enough matches for them to benefit from a season ticket. We have staff available for both evening and weekends, as these are the best times to call supporters.

Half Season Ticket Sales

As with Season Tickets our job is to sell. The time frames are smaller and the need to close is greater, we have provided successful campaign for half season ticket sales on behalf of many of our clients.

Hospitality Bookings Appointment Setting

Keeping hospitality busy is an ongoing battle, we help by calling businesses to make them aware of the facilities, in many cases companies don’t think of using sports clubs and often use traditional routes entertaining their friends, families or clients. We generate appointments so that your internal team spends more time selling.

Sponsorship Appointment Setting

A very important part of any clubs revenue stream. Our high class telemarketers are used to dealing with high level decision makers every day. We generate appointments with companies with an interest, a budget, and an understanding of the value of sponsorship.

Advertising Appointment Setting

Generating appointments or leads with businesses looking to generate new business through advertising with the club, from the match day magazine to billboards, to various other clubs specific promotional activity.

Executive Box Lead Generation

We generate invitations for business to take a look at your facilities, Executive Boxes is a visual sell, we do the leg work of getting people to the club, your commercial sales team close the deal, and this partnership works great for our clients.

One-off Event Lead Generation

This could be anything, from getting businesses to use your facilities for their conference or seminar to generating revenue, like the case we had people have a meal at our clients Stadium before heading to watch Amir Khan fight.

Season Ticket

Generating Revenue through Season Ticket Sales

Your fans are the most important thing to your club, and we understand that.

We carry out Season Ticket Sales campaigns on behalf of clubs on a regular basis; we make sure we understand the clubs ethos, its history and its currently standing, not only in the league but in the community. We do this to better understand the fans needs and help the club build on the volume of season tickets holders.

We also carryout Half Season ticket campaigns, and for some clubs, we also promote Multi game tickets.

Other campaign includes customer feedback and upgrading to hospitality.


Delivering on your promises

Whether you are looking to get new customers to hold their events at your venue, or whether you are trying to get businesses to come to one of your events, we can help.

With lots of success generating leads for Christmas Party Events for sports clubs we know how to get things done.

We can also generate new business opportunities with companies looking to host their event somewhere special, somewhere with a touch of class, somewhere with history.

Conference & Banqueting

Catering to your need for new business

We appreciate keeping your Conference and banqueting suites full is an ongoing battle.

We generate new opportunities for clubs with businesses who looking to use high class local facilities to host there Conferences, Seminars and Dinner events.

Let us do the calling, generating fully qualified opportunities, invite them to your venue so that you can close that deal.


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Data is Paramount, without it your campaign will fail

Telemarketing is the ONLY way to speak directly with decision makers

Base the success of any campaign on the final results

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