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About Elite Sports

Delivering high quality partnerships in sport.


With our unparalleled servic​es and ground breaking sponsor​ship platform, we promise to revolutionize your sports m​arketing journey.

Our purpose is to assist your brand to find the right sports organization to help them achieve global exposure.


Because we work with sports organisations around the world, we can find the right fit for your brand.


Our goal is to work with brands and sports organizations to generate powerful messages, build brand recognition, and boost revenue. 

We help brands realize their marketing goals.


Our three pronged process of understanding business objectives, market research and fan insights, negotiations and contract execution helps us find opportunities that fit your brand’s unique value proposition.

Meet The Team


Michael Jackson

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CEO -Elite Sports Marketing

A lifelong sports fan, with a passion for marketing, I created Elite to build lasting connections between brands and clubs.

I pride myself on my direct, no-nonsense approach to help our clients achieve their goals.

By building quality relationships with our clients, I am able to use my vast experience to get the best out of myself and my team.


Sujatro Ghosh

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Head of Partnerships

I handle rights-holder relations in APAC and Middle East. I utilize my research and analytical skills to help clients and the team determine what sponsorship portfolio is appropriate for their business. Since joining the industry in 2020, I have negotiated several high-profile sponsorship deals.

Besides my passion for sports, I am  also an avid traveller, trekker, and reader of finance, marketing, and spirituality books.

Kelly Nicholls Marketing Communications manager

Kelly Nicholls

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Marketing Communications Manager

Communication & connection is paramount to helping brands and clubs ascertain what deals will be right for them.

I aid Elite in expressing our strengths, our services and, of course, our successes!

Words are powerful. They can incite action and help educate, especially in the marketing world.


Antonio Battaglia

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Head of Global Partnerships

As a global partnership leader, I have a unique ability to conceptualize business goals and develop creative ideas to achieve them. I'm a a firm believer in monetizing the emotional connection between fans and teams with creativity and proper planning. My skills allow me to act as a liaison between teams and brands around the world, thanks to my multilingual expertise. I'm a very enthusiastic person who enjoys the dynamism of the sports business.


Elite Sports Marketing



United Kingdom

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